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Graphic Design alumnus and studying journey in South Korea

Graphic Design alumnus and studying journey in South Korea


South Korea is an Asian country that is one of the leading countries in the design industry, with a unique design style that is always up to date with trends and technologies. For many years, the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design of Van Lang University has chosen South Korea as an international partner to develop research cooperation programs and student-lecturer exchanges. Many VLU Fine Arts students also choose Korea to continue their studies to improve their skills. VLU Student Magazine connected with three Graphic Design alumni including Anh Chi, Cam Chi and Ngoc Thy to discover their memorable learning journey in the land of Kimchi.

In recent years, many former students of Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Arts & Design in Van Lang University have chosen Korea as a place to study and research in order to improve their knowledge and practical experience. As of 2021, six Graphic Design alumni have been studying for PhD and Master's programs at prestigious universities in Korea. VLU Student Magazine No.10 would like to introduce 3 alumni to learn about the studying journey in the land of Kim Chi.

Le Anh Chi – Course 15 Alumnus

vlu Anh Chi a

Le Anh Chi graduated as valedictorian in Graphic Design of class 15. Currently, Anh Chi is a lecturer at VLU Faculty of Fine Arts & Design. In March 2021, Anh Chi started a new journey when she was sent to Korea by the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design to study a Master's program in Visual Communication Design at Kookmin University, one of the leading universities in Korea.

Anh Chi confided: "Since I was a child, I have known and loved Korea through movies. I agreed as soon as I received an offer to study in Korea." Talking about six months in the land of Kimchi, Anh Chi shared: "I went to school right at the time of the Covid-19 epidemic in Korea, so most of students attended online classes and meeting each other was rare. In Korea, I’m impressed that the professor taking students or interns to eat is a culture in communication in order to help people understand each other better. It’s like in the movie Doctor's Life Story, doctors are allowed to hold the teacher's card to buy food. Thanks to that, my friends and I talked more and learned many interesting things about design from our Professor."

Not long after arriving in Korea, Anh Chi received help from fellow alumni who went ahead in study and daily life. She shared: “I feel very fortunate to receive a lot of help when I come to Korea. I feel more mature from people around me. Every person I meet teaches me a lesson about how to live, how to study, and how to think.”

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Nguyen Cam Chi – Course 17 Alumnus

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Cam Chi has studied Culture & Media Design at Handong University since 2019.

When she first came to Korea to study, Cam Chi said that she had many difficulties between studying and being a PhD student. However, Chi has gradually become familiar with the environment, people and educational methods in Korea. She told: “Graduate education in Korea pays special attention to research and practice. Before doing anything, any research must answer the core questions of the problem.”

For Cam Chi, the studying time in Korea is seen as a journey to discover one’s own potential: "Coming to Korea, I have time to find my own potential and most significantly, what is the most important thing to me in the present simple." – She said.

After two studying years in South Korea, Cam Chi has kept many good memories for herself. In it, Chi always cherishes the moments with her beloved teacher and close friends. She shared: “I always remember the time my beloved teacher took the train to visit my school. The meeting in my dream at that time was my favorite professor, my favorite teacher, and my best friends having dinner, coffee and sightseeing. The feeling of those you love and cherish in one frame is so magical. At that time, I wished that time could stop.”

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Ho Hoang Ngoc Thy – Course 18 Alumnus

vlu Ngoc Thy a

Ho Hoang Ngoc Thy has seven experienced years in the field of Visual Communication Design and Marketing Strategic Brand Management at agencies in many different fields in Vietnam and Korea, and is also a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design - VLU since 2019.

From September 2019, Ngoc Thy majored in Visual Communication Design at Kookmin University in Seoul. When she first came to Korea, Ngoc Thy said that she got used to the learning environment very quickly because she used to work with colleagues and customers from many countries around the world. Besides going to school, Ngoc Thy works at an advertising agency in Korea. However, because of the difference in culture between Vietnam and Korea, especially the “Hurry up, hurry up" culture 빨리 (Bbali) in everything from routines to daily work, Ngoc Thy had to change so as not to be stagnant in the midst of a dynamic society like Korea.

After two years in Korea, Ngoc Thy said that she had experienced a special and memorable graduation: "Due to the epidemic, all end-of-term activities have been turned to online. My friends and I defended our graduation thesis through online. At first, I was quite nervous because of anxiety. However, the school has enthusiastical and maximum support for students, and professors. For me, online working gives me more time to research and self-study. Defending a thesis online is no longer a fear, but a very enjoyable experience.”

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In 2014, the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design of Van Lang University signed a cooperation agreement with Hangdong University. Since 2015, the exhibition of Graduation Projects of Graphic Design students has been held in Korea, impressing many businesses in the field of graphic design. Currently, the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design is cooperating with Kookmin University, top 5 leading universities in the design industry in Korea, to organize an annual workshop at VLU in order to help students accumulate more practical experience, opening up opportunities to approach and interact with the leading design background in Asia and bring VLU brand to international friends.

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